Going That Extra Mile To Ensure The Health Of Your Baby

The earlier generations were fairly laissez fare when it came to bringing up children; make sure they don’t catch any horrible diseases or get into accidents and they’ll grow up fine. The current parenting generation is slightly more conscious of safety than that. We cannot ignore the fact that simply keeping an eye on baby is no longer enough to guarantee their health: the world has become toxic and extra measures arerequired to keep them healthy. Here is a list of things you can do to go that extra mile and ensure your baby is safe.

Regulate Baby’s Diet

For the first six months of the baby’s life, all he/ she needs is breast milk. While baby formula can be used as a substitute, it does not have all the nutrients and antibodies that the babies need to develop. Breastfeeding also has several other benefits such as improved cognitive development and lessened risk of obesity for the baby later. Once the baby can have other liquids and baby food, avoid sugar and salt completely; babies will develop an early dependency on these foods that will lead to health complications as their bodies are not yet adapted to break these foods down. Stick to baby food and fruits. Sweets are an absolute no- no till they are at least three years old.Go au Naturale with the Baby Products

Most of the best baby products you find on the shelves are laden with chemicals. While they are not harmful to the baby’s health, they are still artificial compounds, and it’s always better to stick to all natural and organic foods and products as much as possible. Look for biodegradable diapers, bamboo baby wipes, glass feeding bottles that can be used for years without toxic build up, and herbal baby lotions and shampoos. Buy organic fruits and vegetables when cooking for baby.

Most natural baby products like bamboo baby wipes and herbal baby creams have ingredients like organic aloe vera, tea tree oil and lavender soothe and nourish baby skin better than chemicals.

Help Build Baby’s Immune System

As much as you would like to shield your baby from all of the world’s evils, you can’t protect them from everything. That’s why it’s important to let the baby’s immunization develop natural resistors to common illnesses like colds and coughs. Vaccinate your baby against all the major diseases such as mumps, rubella, measles and chicken pox as these diseases are deadly. But once your baby can move, don’t restrict her/ him to a play pen alone. Let the baby romp in the garden and imbibe a healthy amount of dirt. Take them out on a drive and let the baby breathe natural air and not air con. Being exposed to less harmful bacteria and germs first helps build resistance against the more harmful ones that come along later.