How You Can Use Your Disability To Your Advantage

Being disabled does not make you any less of a person therefore it is important that you make yourself understand that you can still live life to its fullest and accomplish all your dreams even though you may have a disability.

Making the most

Feeling sorry for yourself because you are not like everyone else is not going to get you anywhere in life. The key is to not think of yourself as any different because if your dream is to play professional tennis but you lack the usage of your legs this does not have to prevent you from accomplishing your goals. If you have to spend your life on an electric wheelchair, then you can spend time on this wheelchair on the tennis courts as well. If you are born lacking the sense of sight you can use your additional hearing capacity as an advantage which can help you benefit in life. For example, your accurate sense of sound might make you appreciate music more than people who have all their senses intact, this appreciation might result in you having a deep passion in music which could lead to you becoming a successful musician.

Awareness on the impairment

Growing up with a disability can be a very difficult task however growing up with a disability that many people are not aware of can turn the difficult task into a nightmare. For example if you have grown up with a speech impediment you will understand the difficulty of getting your words out as a stammer prevents you from being fluent. If stammering is not something many people are not educated on they would think that it is okay to make fun of as it is not an impediment which can be life threatening. However, by spreading awareness on the subject would help people understand that although every day communication is a walk in the park for them, it can be the most terrifying thing in the world for others. Awareness about a topic should not be spread in order to gain sympathy for those affected but it should be done so that people understand the difficulties suffers go through.
Do not let it define you

Do not let your disabilities define you, for example if you are crippled, do not define yourself as a cripple or if you have a terrible stutter do not define yourself as a stutterer. It is important that you expect these impediments as a part of yourself but you cannot define yourself by it. Instead you can use the impediments that you may view as a disadvantage to your advantage. For example if your stutter prevents you from speaking a lot you can learn to listen or even write, as writing can serve as a way for you to express yourself which may result in you establishing yourself as a professional writer.